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join the embedded virtualization revolution

Mixed workloads on a platform, reduce costs, improves reliability and increases the performance of your embedded system by combining several real-time and non-real-time applications on the same platform.

Embedded Virtualization addresses the needs to partition a platform such that real-time applications have complete control over their environment to ensure deterministic response. It also allows non-real-time application running on OSs such as Windows and Linux to share the same platform without affecting the real-time application.

Virtualization is a commonly used term, but not all virtualization is the same. If not implemented correctly in embedded applications, performance, and reliability will suffer and your design goals may not be met. The key difference between embedded applications and office or enterprise computer systems is the need for determinism.... more on virtualization

TenAsys produces software for hard real-time embedded virtualization solutions to support mixed workloads on multicore PC platforms. Its INtime Family of RTOSs makes use embedded virtualization technologies to partition platforms, permitting multiple diverse workloads to run simultaneously, independently, on the same platform. Workloads encompass applications running on diverse OSs including Windows, Linux, and all popular RTOS solutions.

With over 20 years of embedded virtualization experience, TenAsys mission is to help you maximize the value of PC based control systems using the latest multi-core Intel® processors.

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