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I/O and Device Drivers

For a list of supported devices please see the table below. Contact us directly if you are in need of support for a hardware device that is not shown in the table below.

Unlike a Windows protected-mode application, INtime protected-mode applications are afforded direct access to I/O and memory-mapped hardware. The INtime user-mode memory model does not restrict an application's access to the Intel Architecture IN and OUT instructions. And the INtime APIs include calls to map real hardware memory addresses into your real-time application's virtual address space, for direct high-speed access to your real-time hardware.

In many systems, a device driver is not needed to access the hardware in your real-time system. If you have C or C++ source code for your hardware device, either in the form of a device driver written for another operating system or as a hardware function library, you may be able to reuse that code as an INtime "device driver" or I/O library in your INtime application.

Currently available hardware device support

All the devices in this table are supported by INtime and iRMX for Windows, unless noted by an (*).

Not all of the software listed in the table below is available directly from TenAsys. If you have questions, please contact TenAsys directly.

Devices marked by an (#) in the following table are supported by Micronet, our Asian affiliate and partner. Micronet also offers a collection of device drivers for I/O specific to Asia.

Type Supplier Drivers
Ethernet (see the Knowledge base networking page for more information)
  Intel IE100M, IE1G and IE1Ge
  Realtek RTL100M and RTL1G
  Broadcom BGE1G
  Standard PC COMn
  Comtrol RocketPort 550 PCI and µPCI 550, DeviceMaster, Hostess 2000 (replaces Hostess 550), and Jet Quad/DB9
  Digi PC/X (*), EdgePort USB, and AccelePort 920-PCI/8r-PCI (#)
  Contec PC/X (*), COM-2(PCI)H (#), and COM-2PD(PCI)H (#)
  Standard PC (*)
  Standard PC VGA Text
USB   (see the USB page for more information)
  TenAsys Embedded USB stack for OHCI, UHCI, EHCI and XHCI
Industrial Control (Fieldbus) Interfaces

Profimatics EtherCAT master

König-PA EtherCAT Master Stack

acontis EC-Master Stack

  Hilscher CIFX/netX Device Driver for PCI PC-cards supporting the following Fieldbus/Real Time Ethernet technologies: AS-Interface, CANopen, ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, InterBus, POWERLINK, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and SERCOS
  Modbus FieldTalk Modbus Master C++ Library for Serial Line and TCP by proconX (formerly known as FOCUS Software Engineering)
  Wago I/O - System - 750 (#)
  Mitusbishi Q80BD-J61BT11N (#)
  IXXAT iPC-I XC16/PCI intelligent CAN interface module for the PCI bus
Motion Control
  Robotic Systems Integration (RSI) RapidMotion EtherCAT
  Danaher Motion (MEI) DSP series lib 2.5.09 and SynqNet lib 3.2.4
  Contec SMC-4DF-PCI (#) and SMC-8DF-PCI (#)
  Mycom MLH20-1030 (#)
  Yaskawa MP2110/MP2110M (#)
General Purpose and Miscellaneous I/O
  National Instruments E series, M series, and other I/O cards supported by theNational Instruments MH-DDK library
  National Instruments National InstrumentsIEEE 488.2 (GPIB) on PCI
  Contec GP-IB(PCI)L (IEEE-488) (#)
  Contec AD12-16U(PCI)EH Analog to Digial Converter (#)

(*) Denotes hardware that is supported by iRMX for Windows only.

(#) Denotes hardware that is supported through Micronet, our Asian partner and affiliate.