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INtime RTOS Family

The INtime Real Time Operation System (RTOS) family is based on a 32 bit fully pre-emptive RTOS conceived to run time-critical operations cycle-times as low as 50μs. INtime RTOS runs on single-core, hyper-threaded and multicore x86 PC platform from Intel and AMD and supports two binary compatible usage configurations; INtime for Windows where the INtime RTOS runs alongside the Microsoft® Windows® and INtime Distributed RTOS where INtime runs as a stand-alone RTOS.

Results through Ease of use

Programming with an RTOS can be daunting prospect. It often requires learning a whole new development environment and having a thorough knowledge of the hardware upon which you are going to install it. INtime facilitates that substantially by:

  • Using Microsoft Visual Studio a familiar tool to enter and debug your programs.
  • Providing Win32 like API's that are easy for anyone who has programmed a Windows application to use.
  • Including housekeeping functions in the APIs, such as allocation and releasing of memory as needed as well as the creation and removal of handles as needed.
  • Continually updating the support of the latest PC processors and I/O so that it installs and runs on PC platforms in minutes. It doesn't require the creation of a BSP.
  • Windows and INtime applications can be debugged at the same time with Visual Studio when running and developing Windows and RTOS applications.


Scalable to your application

Designed to allow users to run multiple real-time independent applications, INtime RTOS departs from the basic paradigm of having one instance of the RTOS overseeing all applications whether it is running on one processor or several processors. INtime optimizes usages of multicore platforms by using embedded virtualization technology to partition multicore processors into multiple individual single partitions called Nodes. Each Node has its own dedicated environment with separate memory, I/O's and Interrupts.  This delivers an environment where only the I/O's and the interrupts are associated with the application that is running on that Node is serviced by that application. The result is efficient use of a multicore processors where processor can be dedicated a particular application.

GOBSnet is a built-in an inter-process communication (IPC) network that allows processes to pass data to each other in a managed way. Using GOBSnet, independent applications running on separate Nodes can pass data to each other or a single applications can be split across several Nodes with processes passing data to each other as if they were running on the same node/processor. 
In the INtime for Windows configuration usage, multicore systems are setup such that Windows runs one or more of the available Node(s) leaving the INtime RTOS to run on the remaining available Node(s). This allows both Windows and INtime to run natively in dedicated environment with Windows applications using GOBSnet supported with NTX API to communicate with INtime applications.

Flexibility with broad application support

Supporting two usage configuration; INtime for Windows and INtime Distributed RTOS the same INtime based application can be run in both environment using the same binary. Both environments support, single core, hyper-threaded and multicore processors pc-based system. INtime for Windows supports 32bit or 64bit Windows or Embedded Windows, allowing OEMs to choose the type of Windows installation that meets their application need or ship a Windows-less application using INtime Distributed RTOS.